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Should you sell now or wait? Expert insights to help you navigate the current real estate market.

In this episode of Stone Real Estate Conversations, our host Peter Malouf, Head of Training and Auctions at Stone Real Estate, sits down with Paul Ryan, a distinguishe...

Are all Real Estate Agencies the same?

Zander Snape, Brand Manager for Stone discusses with Peter Mumford, Stone CEO the transformation of marketing in the real estate space.

Times are changing, but the bottom line remains - Jill Henry

Jill Henry, Principal of Stone Lindfield, Turramurra and Willoughby discusses with Peter Mumford what has been happening in July and with four weeks of lockdown so far.

Digital Marketing - What is it worth to you?

Charlie Hunter of Tailbird, covers the important matters with Peter Mumford around the new age of digital marketing. The discussion offers insights around what it all ...

Considering Investing in the Current Market with Michael Yardney

Michael Yardney, from Metropole property advisors shares his knowledge with Peter Mumford of Stone Real Estate. They discuss the current market and what to consider wh...

Why Investors need a QS report

All things QS... If you’re not sure what a Quantity Surveyors depreciation schedule is, then this podcast is for you. Mike Mortlock from MCG Quantity Surveyors talks ...

Interior architecture and interior design with Romie Alwill

Romie Alwill of Alwill Architecture & Interiors chats with Peter Mumford about interior design and architecture.

Regional discovery series - Palm Beach, Queensland

As we continue our regional discovery series, Pete Mumford talks with Brendan Andrews of Stone Palm Beach, Queensland, "Beautiful one day perfect the next". Brendan ch...

Regional discovery series - Macarthur region

In our latest regional discovery series, Pete Mumford chats with Peter Salisbury of Stone Camden on the Macarthur region, and why it is seeing such an increase in inte...

Regional discovery series - The Illawarra

In our latest regional discovery series, Pete Mumford chats with Paul Piacentin of Stone Illawarra, on his regional area and why it is seeing such an increase in inter...

Regional discovery series - The Hunter Valley

In our third episode in our Regional discovery series, Pete Mumford chats with David Tanchevski of Stone Hunter Valley. The Hunter Region, also commonly known as the H...

Tim Lawless - CoreLogic market insights September 2020

Tim Lawless, CoreLogics Research Director for Australia and New Zealand, discusses the September Property report with Peter Mumford.

Regional discovery series - The Southern Highlands

In our second regional discovery series, Pete Mumford chats with Anita Roelevink, owner of Stone Southern Highlands in Bowral, on the activity Anita is seeing in the a...

Regional discovery series - The Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

In our latest Regional discovery series, Pete Mumford chats with Lauren Wilde of Stone Mornington, on this coastal gem and why it is seeing an increase in interest and...

Three inspiring investor journey's not to be missed.

Three inspiring and very different investor journeys, from 23 year old first time investor, Georga Mattiusii, Shannon Walker with multiple properties, to Real Estate A...

Commercial property investing with Ben Nastasi

Ben Nastasi of AHR Property covers the different avenues of commercial property investment, and the areas to consider.

Property Investing with Michael Yardney

Michael Yardney has been investing for over 40 years and his company Metropole has advised and helped thousands of clients on their investment journey. Michael shares ...

The value of using an Architect

Sean Gartner of Gartner Trovato Architects discusses with Peter Mumford how architects add value in house design and building.

The latest in digital property marketing tools

Alexandra Warren from Diakrit, covers with Peter Mumford the new digital marketing tools that are being used in the industry today that assist both the buyers and the ...

Tim Lawless - Core Logic market insights for June 2020

Tim Lawless, Core Logics Research Director for Australia and New Zealand discusses the June Property report with Peter Mumford.

Tony Trobe Architecture on sustainable design

Tony Trobe of TTR Architecture discusses with Peter Malouf sustainable architecture

Facts and fiction in the current market with Paul Glossop

Paul Glossop of Pure Property Investment discusses with Peter Mumford, CEO of Stone Real Estate, Facts, fiction, and how should investors be looking at their property ...

Q&A on Contracts of Sale With Marwan Kojock from Title Space

Marwan Kojock, from Title Space, explains what you need to know about a property "Contract of Sale"

Property Investing- is now the time ?

Marshall Cobb, owner of Stone New Projects discusses with Peter Malouf, Head of Stone Auctions & Training, the current investing market and what is happening in the tr...

Online Auctions- how do they work?

Buying or selling - What you need to know about on-line auctions

Property Investment with Paul Glossop

Paul Glossop of Pure Property Investment talks about parameters to consider when buying an investment property.

Bank Lending Changes in Current Market

Ben Braysich, Stone Money's General Manager, and Peter Mumford CEO of Stone Real Estate discuss current changes in the banking world with regard to home mortgage lending.

Marketing in the current Market

Mikey Taylor of Lionize- the importance, power and potential of marketing in the current market.

EP02 - Home Loans in the current Market -Q&A

Your questions answered on current mortgage lending, home loan repayments, deferrals and more with Ben Braysich, CEO of Stone Money.

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