Considering Investing in the Current Market with Michael Yardney

Michael Yardney, from Metropole property advisors shares his knowledge with Peter Mumford of Stone Real Estate. They discuss the current market and what to consider when investing.
Michael Yardney has been investing for over 40 years, is considered one of Australia's leading experts in wealth creation, and his company Metropole has advised and helped thousands of clients on their investment journey. Michael shares his knowledge on property with Peter Mumford of Stone Real Estate if you are considering buying in the current market.

Have you considered working with a buyers agent such as Metropole to assist you on your Journey. 

To find out more on investing and property, listen and subscribe to  Michael Yardney's podcast "Property Investment, success and money" on the Apple podcast channel.

Michael has also published several books on property investing that can be found at and his business website helping clients with all aspects of investing. 
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