Three inspiring investor journey's not to be missed.

Three inspiring and very different investor journeys, from 23 year old first time investor, Georga Mattiusii, Shannon Walker with multiple properties, to Real Estate Agent, Ian Clarke, with more than 8 properties. They chat openly about the how and the why and their reasons for investing in property.
Georga Mattiussi is only 23 years old, and recently bought her first investment with no help from anyone, using her own savings, and incredible personal drive. Leaving home at 16 and going to work after school, life was not easy for Georga and her journey is completely inspiring.

Shannon Walker started her first steps into investing into property 20 years ago, then having a family and leading a busy life, this journey was halted for a while. In the last five years Shannon has started again, and is driven to continue growing her portfolio from building to renovating with a great story to share. To contact Shannon about her interior design services you can reach her on 0418 272 525. 
Ian Clarke is a Real Estate agent who walks the talk. He invests in what he believes in, and has over 8 properties. He has invested in residential and commercial properties. Ian shares his story and tips and where to from here, and he hasn't stoped investing yet. You can contact Ian Clarke at Stone Real Estate Forest. Ph: 9196 9000 or M: 0419 636 289 E:
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